We have a three track 12' Disco 45 on Pressure Sounds released on the 5/11/12. None of the tracks are on the new Sound Doctor album. Details are below.

Artist; Lee Perry/ The Righteous Flame

Title; Side A
Silver Locks extended mix
Artist; Lee Perry and the Upsetters

Side AA
Jah Jah Words
Jah Jah Words Version
Righteous Flame & The Upsetters

A rocking 12 inch from Pressure Sounds. Three tracks previously un-released produced by Lee Perry. All produced at the Black Ark. The A side is an extended mix of the Junior Byles track 'Curly Locks'  remixed and re-voiced by Lee Perry himself. 'Silver Locks' has a scat dubbed out Vocal by Lee at his most playful and charming. Laid back stoned and hypnotic. Perry drifts in out and around the rhythm. Its a perfect juxtaposition of sound, vibe and all of the best things about Lee Perry at the height of his powers. This extended mix has never been released before and we are thrilled to have it on a heavy weight 12' .

The AA side is from a dub plate and features 'Righteous Flame' on lead vocal. Most likely one of the Flames vocal group that featured Winston Jarrett.  'Jah Jah Words' and its dub mix are spiritual bass heavy tunes that capture the spaced out roots side of the Black Ark studio. Taken from a super rare dub plate and never before released. Comes in a hand made sleeve stamped by with Upsetters record shop logo. These tracks are all unique to this 12' and are not on the Sound Doctor album.