We have a brand new release on Pressure Sound on the 5/11/12. 24 tracks produced by Lee Perry . Full tracklisting below. Its a cracker!!

Oppression- Delroy Butler
Army of Love - Junior Byles (Previously unreleased)
Wam-Pam-Pa-Do - Dillinger
Sound Doctor - Bobby Floyd
Doctor Skank –Young Dellinger
Horny Train - The Upsetters (Exclusive Dub Plate Mix)
Do Good - Al Maytone
Different Experience- Brother Roy
Smiling Faces - Tinga Stewart
Smiling version - Hux Brown Group
Be Prepared - Keith Poppin
006 - U Roy
Key Card - Lee & Jimmy
Domino Game- The Upsetters
Message To The Nation - Tony Fearon
Dub Message – Upsetters
Water your Garden - The Flames
Standing On The Hill-Chenley Duffus
Start Over - The Gatherers
Its Impossible - The Ethiopians
Grandfather Land - Jah T
King of Kings - Pat Francis
King of Kings Version - the Upsetters
To Hell and Back - Count Stocky & The Upsetters