We have 4 new Pressure Sounds in Oct 2012 details are;

Release date 15/10/2012

 Artist; Bobby Floyd

Title; 'Sound Doctor

Artist; Young Dellinger

Title;  'Wam-Pam-Pa-Do


Two cuts of the Pressure and Slide rhythm the A side has the un-known Bobby Floyd on vocals. Little is known about Bobby Floyd as his releases are minimal but its rumoured he is now involved in the Church and records Gospel music. 'Sound Doctor' is an RnB influenced up-tempo early Black ark rarity. 'Feel no pain i'm back again' The B side has 'Young Dellinger' on an early excellent Dj piece by the young Lester Bullock. By the mid seventies  he was one of the post popular of Jamaica's Djs and was better know as 'Dillinger'

Artist; The Upsetters

Title ; Horny Train


Artist; The Upsetters

Title;  Roots Train Number 2 version

 Available for the first time on a 45 ‘Horny Train’ was a late period Black Ark Horns mix of ‘Roots train no 2’ by Junior Murvin. ‘Horny Train’ is a must have for Perry fans. King sized horns blaze over a fab Perry Black Ark mix. One for the dance floor for sure. Come’s in a hand stamped Upsetters bag. Lee Perry's instrumentals were often some of his best work and ‘Horny Train’ is up there with the best. ‘Roots Train no 2 version’ is on the flipside. Same rhythm but different cut. The mix of ‘Horny Train’ is a previously un-released dub plate.

Artist; Time Unlimited

Title; Rastaman going Home (African Sound)

Artist; The Upsetters

Title; Africa Dub

 ‘Time Unlimited’ were a short lived vocal harmony group that featured the young Junior Delgado in its ranks as well as one of the ‘Manning’ brothers. The group recorded a few 45s for Lee Perry at the Black Ark. Amongst them was this gem. 'Rastaman Going Home'. Classic Black Ark recording complete with all the Perry touches. Eccentric clattering and highly original music. The version is a sparse Upsetters dub. Recorded around 1975 and not released as a 45 since that original first pressing in the mid 1970s.

Artist; Aleas Jube

Title; Righteous Land

Artist The Upsetters

Title; Righteous Rocking

 Never before released as a 45 and a true obscurity!! Little is known about Aleas Jube other than that he was a character who hung out at the Black Ark studio. Never the less this is an excellent piece of music led by an subtle drum pattern that propels Aleas Jube’s vocals into the Black Ark stratosphere. Backed by the Upsetters 'Scratch's' production is spot on. Comes with a nice dub on the b side.