TIGHTEN UP presents:
@ The Silver Bullet
5 Station Place
London N4 2DH
Tel: 020 7619 3639

Doors: 8:30pm-3:30am
Gate Pressure: FREE B4 10:00pm / £3 til 11:00pm / £4 After

Music Policy: An Old-Skool Party mix of Classic 80s Dancehall and Digital Reggae Anthems!!!


Special Guests:

+ Special guest MCs & selectors passin' thru...

The Tighten Up Crew throw another proper Old-Skool Dancehall party, with a stunning line up that reads like a who’s who of the UK Dancehall scene:

JAH SCREECHY: Please be upstanding... there is Dancehall Royalty in the house!!! A veteran of the legendary Sir Coxsone Sound System, JAH SCREECHY learned his trade the hard way - pitting his wits (and words!) against other young, gifted and hungry MCs in soundclashes up and down the country. Famed around the world for SL2's sampling of his classic Dancehall anthem 'Walk & Skank', Screechy is so much more than a one hit wonder: This man has lyrics for days and extra days and there's a very good reason why, after all these years, he's still rocking the mic - he's still one of the best there is and we are proud to have him headlining this month's party!

CURTIS LYNCH: Curtis' groundbreaking Necessary Mayhem label has been consistently producing high quality Dancehall product for half a decade. His modus operandi is simple: make music that draws strength and inspiration from Dancehall's golden era, but which stands up next to anything coming out of Jamaica right now! So... on top of being a talented producer with his own record label, Mr Lynch is also a wicked selector with a genuine passion for the foundation on which his musical empire is being built. Trust us - the man can draw chooon! We're beginning to wonder if there's anything he CAN'T do! It's annoying really!

DISORDA: Not content with heading up one of the UK's most respected Hip-Hop brands, Suspect Packages' head honcho DISORDA has been flexing his musical muscles in the Reggae arena with his formidable Extra Classic venture! When the EC crew joined us recently for our CHAMPION SOUND superclash, DISORDA juggled his Jamdown tings proper, getting rewind after rewind from a crowd that knows a choon when they hear one! He's promising even more musical mayhem this time round! We say... BRING IT ON!


TIGHTEN UP CREW: Notoriously self-effacing, enormously influential and usually extremely inebriated, the TUC: MC CHAMPIAN, TIM P and MISTAH BROWN have championed the Reggae cause with little thought for their own safety or wellbeing since they started throwing their groundbreaking vinyl-only TIGHTEN UP parties back in late-90s Soho. Though famed for their Vintage Reggae and Ska selections - TRASH & READY evolved from the crew's genuine love for the uplifting party sounds of 80s and 90s Jamaica. And as pure entertainment and quality selection goes - you'd be hard-pressed to find much better than this 3-man musical army with a boxfull of King Jammy 45s!


And all this for less than a fiver! They said it couldn't be done! They're probably right but we keep doin' it anyway! Now do your part... REACH!!!

more info: http://www.facebook.com/TightenUpCrew or: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tighten-Up