We have 4 new 45s on Released on Pressure Sounds in January 2012. Details are below.

Side A   Awake - The Ethiopians   Side B    Awake  version - The Upsetters

'Awake' is an early 70s vocal by 'The Ethiopians'.  Soulful vocals and a restrained Upsetter production. It is a lovely early roots tune. Never been re-pressed or released on any format since its early 70s Jamaican release. Crisp label and packaging and beautifully produced by Mr Perry. The B side is not on the new Pressure Sounds album 'High Plains Drifter'. Each record comes in a hand stamped bag.

 Side A   Ain't No Love - Jimmy & The Inspirations   Side B    Version  - The Upsetters

Up-tempo re-working of the RnB standard originally cut by 'The Falcons' which featured the singer Eddie Floyd as lead vocalist. This ‘Jimmy and the Inspirations’ workout has Jimmy London on lead vocals.
Soul and  American RnB was a huge influence on Lee Perry and this was just one of the many RnB songs that he covered both pre-Black Ark and later on when he opened his own studio. The B side will not be included on the new High Plains Drifter album.

Side A  Rockfort Psychedelion  - Count Sticky  Side B  Val Blows In - Val Bennett

Count Sticky's scat vocals on the A side roll over a Memphis style backing that was all the rage in Kingston at the time these recordings were made. 'What a Sound' exclaims Count Sticky and he is right.
The B other side is a fantastic funky instrumental featuring the top session player Val Bennett and is a cut of 'Django Shoots First'.  This has all the inventive Perry Sound injections that are on many of his best recordings. Each record come in a hand stamped bag.

 Side A    High Plains Drifter - The Upsetters  Side B   High Plains Drifter Version - The Upsetters

High Plains Drifter is a classic Upsetters instrumental. A laid back rhythm with a lead trumpet that floats ever the top. Made sometime in the early 70s this a great production by The Upsetter and we have different two versions. The B side version will not be on the High Plains Drifter album. Each record comes in a hand stamped bag. Rare as hens teeth!!!