Lee Perry

RLS001LP * 2014

Back on the controls

Back on the controls

  • A1. Rastafari On Wall Street Listen
  • A2. Wall Street Version Listen
  • A3. Po Satan
  • A4. Po Dub
  • A5. Tug O’war
  • A6. War Dub
  • B1. Do The Dubstep
  • B2. Do The Dub Version
  • B3. I Believe
  • B4. Believe This Dub
  • B5. Repent
  • B6. Repent & Dub
  • C1. Sound Of Jamaica
  • C2. Sound Of My Dub
  • C3. Blackboard Re-vision
  • C4. Blackboard Dub
  • C5. Land Of Dub (Raw Mix)
  • C6. Land Of Dub Version
  • D1. Copy This & Copy That
  • D2. Copy My Dub
  • D3. Come Up Scratch
  • D4. Come Up
  • D5. Words
  • D6. Lee’s Special


13 songs, and 13 dub versions, produced by Lee Perry and UK Producer Daniel Boyle at the Rolling Lion Studio. Lee Perry is back on the controls, using the very same effects units and equipment from his Black Ark studio in Jamaica, to produce a selection of deep roots rhythms and original Lee Perry dub versions.


  • Derrick Morgan c/w Glen Brown  - Judge Dread in CourtDerrick Morgan c/w Glen Brown Judge Dread in Court

    Top notch tune on the A side from Derrick Morgan with reflections on 'Judge Dread in Court' flipside is also an excellent song by Glen Brown 'Collie and Wine'

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  • Tarus Riley  - Chant RastafariTarus Riley Chant Rastafari

    Thumping remix by Russ D for Frenchie's imprint Calabash. Tarus Riley on the A side and tuff dub mix on the flipside by Russ Disciple. Limited editions so catch them while we have them.

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  • Dre Island - Jah love shine downDre IslandJah love shine down

    Rootsy mix of Dre Islands 'Jah Love shines down' with a classic Russ D dub on the flipside. Fierce four on the floor stuff.

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  • Russ D  - MT MelodyRuss D MT Melody

    Melodica melody on a stepping rhythm from Russ D and Frenchie. Limited edition pressings comes with a fierce version on the flipside

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  • Yami Bolo  - Jah is the fireYami Bolo Jah is the fire

    Yami Bolo on a crunching rhythm from Russ D and Frenchie. Hits the spot.

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  • The Maytals  - Bim Today Bam TommorrowThe Maytals Bim Today Bam Tommorrow
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