Joe Higgs

Pressure Sounds * PS80 * 2013

Unity is Power

Unity is Power

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Joe Higgs follow up to the classic Life of Contradiction album, Unity is Power is a mellower set of tracks. The song writing is as clear and as lucid as ever. Possibly reggae musics most accomplished artist and certainly one of its most talented musicians. Joe Higgs glides through a self produced album that has never had a re-release since it original release. The vinyl is 180gram and the cd has 2 bonus tracks. “I like phrasing my voice like an instrument. I love jazz. People will always be ahead of people. Some walk, some run, some creep. I’m not concerned about success. Music is my teacher. But it’s not good to be ahead of time, because life is a progression.”


Joe Higgs — Unity is Power

MARCIA HIGGS, Oct 31, 2013
I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - LOVE this album!!! "Unity Is Power" has always been my personal favorite Joe Higgs album, for the simple fact that, I can literally hear his SIMPLE HEART coming through his BIG VOICE!!! Yeah, that's my Dada... HIS BARK WAS ALWAYS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN HIS BITE... because underneath his NOISE was that SIMPLE, LOVING, CARING, PASSIONATE SOUL, that he had spent his whole life TRYING to conceal. In fact, the very first thing that I missed about him was the one thing I despised the most -- HIS BIG BARK... because it dawned on me that I would never hear him yell my name again!!! Yup... that's when reality struck, that my Dada was really gone!!! But back to the album, if you have never purchased a JOE HIGGS album in your life... and even if you own an original copy of this, the bonus track on this re-issue, entitled, "INVITATION TO JAMAICA," is well worth the double up because of its history. It was with this song that JOE HIGGS won the JAMAICA TOURISM COMPETITION in 1972. One of the prizes were a trip to NEW YORK, making him one of the FIRST REGGAE AMBASSADORS to AMERICA!!! :)

Joe Higgs — Unity is Power

Jermaine Rodriquez, Nov 02, 2013
Beautiful album! I'm Loving it! :)

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