Yabby You

Pressure Sounds * PS77 * 2012

Deeper Roots

Deeper Roots

  • Listen Buy MP3 Smith & The Prophets: Valley of Joeasaphat
  • Listen Buy MP3 Smith & The Prophets: Joeasaphat
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Tubby: Thanks and Praise (Exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 Barrington Spence: Don’t Touch I Dread
  • Listen Buy MP3 The Prophet All Stars: Tutch Dub
  • Listen Buy MP3 Tommy McCook & King Tubby: Fighting Dub (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 Deliver Me (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Tubby & Yabby You: Deliver Dub (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 Don D Junior & The Prophets: Milk River Rock (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 Prince Pampidoo: Dip Them Bedward
  • Listen Buy MP3 The Prophet All Stars: Dub Them Bedward
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Tubby & The Prophets: Dub Vengence (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Miguel: Forward on the Track
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Miguel & The Prophets: Caymanas Rock
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Tubby & The Prophets: Love Sweet Love Drums (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 The Prophet All Stars: Lazy Mood
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Tubby & The Prophets: Open Your Hearts (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 King Tubby & The Prophets All Stars: Poor and Needy Dubwise (exclusive dub plate mix)
  • Listen Buy MP3 Hot City All Stars: Cleo’s Dub
MP3s are 99p each and encoded at 320kbps.


Roots selection of Yabby You material. Including deep roots obscurities and alternate mixes of some of his better known material. We are thrilled with this set and think it stands as one of the best Yabby You compilations avaialable. Comes on CD and Double vinyl. Some of the tracks are from Dub Plates so the sound quality is reflective of that.


Yabby You — Deeper Roots

Little Rocket, Dec 04, 2012
This arrived with postie this morning. Yabby You was one of JA's foundation artistes and this is one wicked set of tunes - worth the £9 just for Valley of Jehosephat and the dub - I had this on a knackered cassette tape recorded from a mate's 7" singles back in the day, and to have it at last on a crisp 2012 biscuit is just great news. Fantastic job Pressure Sounds. Yabby You so deserves this attention!

Yabby You — Deeper Roots

Matthew Pinhey, Jan 08, 2014
Having come to roots and dub rather late in life, I've found myself drawn to Yabby's work, there is something deeply spiritual in it, in the same way as Augustus Pablo's work. So to find some new and different material is indeed a pleasure and this selection is a cracker, especially ( for me ) the dubs as Tubbs and Yabby together just seem to compliment perfectly. So top marks to Pressure Sounds again....and the weird thing is that the guy who compiled this excellent set lives about 200 yards away, cheers Jeremy!

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  • Jah Joe  - Dreadlocks songJah Joe Dreadlocks song

    Deep mystical Wackie's production from Jah Joe (aka Joe Axumite) in chanting deejay mode, one of the best 45's on Aires

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  • The Mighty Abidjans - Don't Change the SystemThe Mighty AbidjansDon't Change the System

    Second cut on the rhythm first used for "Untamed", much much of a straight mix employed here, with a pure drum & bass dub version

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  • The Fashioneers  - Give a helping handThe Fashioneers Give a helping hand

    Quality roots.

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  • Elijah  - Selassi hiElijah Selassi hi

    The mysterious Elijah cut this mellow and heartfelt 2-part single for Sir Collins, then apparently disappeared from the recording scene. But the tune made quite a mark in New York, where it was released on the very rare Bronx-based WARICKA label, enough to have been covered a few years later by KC White (we also reissued his cut, still available, see here!) The tune is also remembered fondly as a New York sound system favorite in the 1970s by those active back then. It was also released on the Ackee label in the UK, memorable roots reggae for sure.

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  • The Invaders - Story of LoveThe InvadersStory of Love

    Another Invaders 45, "Story of Love" backed with its deejay version, "Holy Mountain." Another tune only released on a blank label originally, and thus the identity of the artists has long been speculated, but the mastertape revealed the mysterious Invaders again! "Story of Love" is an excellent early '70s tune, with great harmonies and organ, the flipside "Holy Mountain" being a deejay version on the same rhythm, with the vocalist chatting thanks and praises in Amharic, roots indeed.

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  • Delroy Wilson  - Give me your loveDelroy Wilson Give me your love

    The mighty Delroy Wilson, one of Jamaica's biggest artists. "Give Me Your Love" was released on a Delroy LP again on the WARICKA label, which was mostly sold as a blank label pre-release with no cover, although copies with labels and/or a silk-screened cover also exist. This is a phenomenal cut on the mournful and heavy 'Artibella' rhythm, with a killer organ sound that we just love. This tune is backed by a dub cut with horns and bongos, lifted from an extremely rare blank-label Sir Collins compilation LP.

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