Micron Compilation

Pressure Sounds * PS59 * 2008

Every Mouth Must Be Fed

Every Mouth Must Be Fed

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"Conference at Waterhouse your destination King Tubby's studio" intones Jah Stitch at the beginning of the album over a tough version of the 'Satta Dread' rhythm.

The Micron label is perhaps not as instantly well known as some of its more celebrated counterparts but any half decent reggae collection will have more than a couple of Micron records sitting in it. Production is crisp throughout with Lee Perry, Bunny Lee and Pete Weston (one of the trio that ran the Micron label) at the controls.

As usual we have sourced tracks that offer music fans something a little extra and unearthed some overlooked gems that are not only very rare but also touch the soul. Was there a better singer from Jamaica than Junior Byles ? He's up there with the best and 'Lorna Banana' and 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg' are two of his finest. The super rare track from The Defenders 'Our Rights' is a real roots vocal harmony classic. I Roy, who needs little by way of introduction, was probably the most consistent deejay that Jamaica ever produced and it is his 'Every Mouth Must Be Fed' that gives the album its name.

This is a crackling compilation with all the usual Pressure Sounds graphics, photos, interviews and re-mastered tracks presenting the music at its very best. 'Micron Music Presents' puts the focus on a label that really was important both as a label and as a business; it allowed many producers and artists a creative opening that would otherwise have been denied to them. Enjoy it. It's a fine album


Every Mouth Must Be Fed (Album Review)

Ranking John, Jun 08, 2008
This compilation brings together an odd but excellent variety of tracks from Micron Music, gathered together here for a brand new re-mastered release by Pressure Sounds. Micron Music provided an outlet for Jamaican producers and performers who wouldn’t otherwise be heard, and the range of tracks and styles on this collection, recorded in the mid-1970s, demonstrates the openness of their approach and the risks they took to get this music out. Pete Weston, one of the three people behind the label, also takes production credits on many of the tracks and provides extensive notes to accompany this release. The diversity of what’s included within these twenty tracks is striking. The collection opens with two versions around the basic ‘Satta Dread’ rhythm, first from Jah Stitch then straight into a classic echo-laden dub from King Tubby’s. Elsewhere, more conventional melodic reggae is represented by the Defenders ‘Our Rights’ and its driving instrumental version. Junior Byles offers the old Motown song ‘Ain’t Too Proud to Beg’ plus the great surprise of an intriguing version to go with it. Bobby Ellis makes an appearance with ‘Ska Baby’ where it’s unusual to hear the familiar chopping brass of a ska rhythm placed within a deep reggae mix, and even more so on the instrumental version that follows. If ‘Wages of Crime’ by the brilliant Joe Higgs were not enough, it’s partnered with possibly the best version on the album, in classic King Tubby style. The album closes with I Roy in top form with ‘Mad Mad Hatter’ (another link to old Motown) and its manic version ‘Mad Mad Horn’ which is pretty self-explanatory. This album is the perfect answer to people who think they’ve heard all there is to hear from this era.

UK release single CD/double vinyl, Pressure Sounds, 16th June 2008.

Ranking John www.reggaemusic.org.uk

Every Mouth Must Be Fed

AnorakTrev, Jun 17, 2008
I look forward to your new releases,BUT you have excelled yourself with this one.Tunes I have only read about and longed for,my Holy Grail`s etc.,etc.To get a copy of Tommy McCook`s " Tribute to Muhammad Ali " is worth the purchase price alone !
One VERY satisfied customer.Keep it up.

Why hast thou forsaken the dj?

Lord D., Feb 10, 2009
You guys got it so right on the "More Pressure" vinyl by separating the vocal and version between the two records. Why stop the practice, especially on such a singles oriented compilation? Regardless, wicked comp. Super classic I Roy iration!

Ballistic Micron Compilation!

Pasta Rasta, Feb 18, 2009
Just got this CD from a friend and straightaway ordered the vinyl. Absolute murderation from start to finis!. It's so rare these days to unearth such a heavy selection of riddims, and Bobby Ellis' SKA BABY is as wicked and heavy as they come. And there's a version to follow. Had this entire house skanking at 9am on a Tuesday morning. RESPECT!!

Not Enough Stars To Rate This Properly

Rosko, Mar 31, 2009
One of the best compilations I have ever heard. Not a single weak track or riddim here. I need more Micron.

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