The Royals

Pressure Sounds * PS44 * 2004

Dubbing With The Royals

Dubbing With The Royals

  • Negusa Nagast (featuring Knowledge & Prince Far I)
  • (If You Want Good – The Royals)
  • Nose Hole (If You Want Good – The Royals)
  • Waizero (Facts Of Life – The Royals)
  • Wigwam (Blacker Black - The Royals)
  • Lllongo (Pick Up The Pieces - The Royals)
  • Pride Of A Black Man - Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson
  • (Pick Up The Pieces – The Royals)
  • Monkey Fashion – I Roy (Pick Up The Pieces - The Royals)
  • Land Of Milk And Honey (Promised Land - The Royals)
  • Manna From The Sky (Malnutrition - The Royals)
  • Peace, Love And Dub (Peace & Love – The Royals)
  • Tirang (Only For A Time - The Royals)
  • Tekla (Sufferer Of The Ghetto – The Royals)
  • Mia (Way Of Life - Gregory Isaacs)
  • Jemima Antonia Dub (Oh My Love – The Royals)
  • Sugar Candy – I Roy (Ghetto Man – The Royals)
  • Oongaan (Ghetto Man – The Royals)
  • Janhoi (featuring Knowledge & Prince Far I) (Make Believe – The Royals)
  • Jammy's Dub (Make Believe – The Royals)
  • Dub The Wrong (When You Are Wrong – The Royals)


The perfect companion set to the previous Royals release on Pressure Sounds 'Pick Up the Pieces' (PS36) featuring stunning dubs and super rare DJ versions from Prince Far I and I Roy. Nineteen tracks of real variety adding up to sixty eight minutes of music from all the heavy weight dub masters. King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist, Lee Perry, Ernest Hookim and Errol T are all on board on the mixing board.

All the original rhythms were built in Kingston in the mid to late seventies by the cream of Jamaica's session players. Vocals by The Royals, naturally, who are joined on some tracks by special guests including Knowledge and Gregory Isaacs: Gregory's distinctive vocals can be heard weaving in and out of 'Mia'.

There has been some real attention to detail on this release with the graphics and artwork. Roy Cousins kept every last bit of paperwork associated with the recording and manufacturing process and these have been collaged into the excellent artwork. Fascinating stuff!

Premier League dub.


JM, Sep 15, 2004
Knowledge is found in the sacred place of the most high; happy is the man that foundeth wisdom, and with that getting get overstanding, and knowledge shall be added unto thee." (Prince Far I, "Negusa Negast")

"People don't know how these songs were made. People don't know the mood that make them!" (Roy Cousins)

This is a very heavy selection of diverse rhythms, and certainly no cobbled together, half forgotten selection of second rate Tubby's rhythm tracks and discarded B sides.

With so many overdone and repeated Bunny Lee/Tubby's releases flooding the market over the last ten years (many of them certainly sub par) it is tempting to think the well has surely run dry, but it is releases like this that still have the power to move and remind us of the richness, surreal inventiveness and diversity of Kingston's late 70's output.

From the first track to the last, there is barely a dull moment. Prince Far I opens the album with a chant over The Royals "If you Want Good", with a lyric reminding us to treat our fellow man with respect (apparently, in Far I's perception), because we may need them one day if we fall on hard times. It's a dreamlike and otherworldly dissolving cut to this classic track, with Far I's voice drastically slowed down and cut up, with the drum track moving into distortion levels. The essential dub cut of "Want Good" follows, impressionistically renamed "Noise Hole," the title a perfect semiotic metaphor for the distortion and overload of the composition. This dub comes from the Tamboki Wambesi 45 and is distinctive due to its beautifully out of tune bass which fits so eccentrically and perfectly.

"Manna from the Sky" is the celebratory dub reinvention of "Facts of Life". The strident snare-rimshot rhythm has Afro Cuban overtones, but it's also strangely reminiscent of the drum and percussion interplay on pianist Oscar Peterson's tunes such as "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars." With an ambient hiss twisting in and out of the track at points, piano chords breaking down and horns melodies giving emotion to the force and aggression, this is a high point of the album.

"My Love" dub features a Style Scott slow paced heat on the snares, with The Royals' perfect harmonies lifting the dreamlike mood. The guitar moves through the tune, giving it a Wes Montgomery/Grant Green vibe as the snares break down into the silence and spaces in the mix. The vocals, ghost like, move as disembodied tones.

"Ghettoman Dub" is a beautiful shape shifting dub, twisting from low end rumble to metallic highs, sounding like your speakers are malfunctioning, the bass cones coming unstuck or the tweeters cutting out .The bass drops in and out as the engineer gets to the heart of the structure.

"Jah Know I" (featuring Knowledge and Prince Far I) with its eerie warped vocal effects is one of the album's high points. Bizarre snare tones ricochet and spiral into feedback as Knowledge and Far I's introspective lyric works its Gnostic power.

The sleeve notes do not make it clear where all these tunes derive from:some were certainly drawn from old Tamboki Wambesi 45's and assorted 12" B sides, whilst others are presumably selected from Roy Cousins' late70's/early 80's dub albums, but Pressure Sounds don't clarify here. No matter. If you love the early classic Pablo discomixes, the Hit Run 12"s or the early Burning Spear "Living Dub" albums, you have a treat in store here. Very little filler here.

Reviewed by Greg Whitfield @

Dubbing With The Royals

Dubtafari, Mar 03, 2006
Does not, can not, or will not, get any better than this!
Pure and serious dubs without "the gimmicks" as Roy Cousins states.
If you enjoy good dub to lay back and really groove to you'll enjoy this outstanding dub outing.
Serious music for meditation.

Big up to Roy Cousins and pressure Sounds for keeping the fya burning by unearthing these dub gems


The Royals

bjamin, Oct 12, 2009
This is a brilliant cd, every single track. Never heard of The Royals before, this like one of the best cds of dub i own, and i own about 30 odd cds and this is one of the best. I can't describe how good it is, its just brilliantly cool. I recomend it very very much, and i don't think you can go wrong so long as you are buying from pressure sounds! PEACE

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