The Royals

Pressure Sounds * PS36 * 2013

Pick Up The Pieces

Pick Up The Pieces

MP3s are 99p each and encoded at 320kbps.


Beautiful collection of Royals material containing all their classic early seventies titles including the title track, Ghetto Man, Sufferer Of The Ghetto, Heart In Pain, When You Are Wrong, Promised Land, Peace & Love, Down Comes The Rain and Genuine Way, which features the voice of King Tubby’s brother; Lloyd Ruddock. Their main voice was of course that of their leader Roy Cousins whose distinctive high register lisping vocals raise the material into the rarified upper echelons occupied by the likes of The Abbysinians. Heavier, later seventies titles such as Facts Of Life, If You Want Good and Make Believe is also present. Essential.


Out of this world

André Crasnojan, Sep 12, 2003
I bought this CD last month, and when I heard it I didn't believe it! Mainly the sixth track, "If I Were You", as the great Big Youth would say, "is out of this world"!
In my opinion, every good 70's Reggae fan should have this CD.

Congratulations to Pressure Sounds for your very good work!


robert monks, Jan 18, 2009
a fantastic cd. superb vocal group. never knew about them before I bought this cd a couple of years ago.

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