Jah Wobble

BOOK3 * 2012

Memoirs of a Geezer

Memoirs of a Geezer

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A frank and entertaining account of life in the music business, this is Jah Wobble’s insider view of the beginning of punk rock. Celebrated ups – PiL’s Metal Box and Wobble's 90s hit with Sinéad O'Connor – are balanced by major downs – chronic alcoholism and marital breakdown. During a stint working on the London Underground, he announced 'I used to be somebody. I repeat. I used to be somebody'. MEMOIRS OF A GEEZER begins with an East End childhood in a London barely recovered from the war and ends with Wobble leaving a city that no longer feels like home. If you ever wondered how he got his name, the answer is here, alongside his refreshingly disrespectful opinions of the great and the good. Throughout, Wobble tells it like he sees it.


Autobiography of Jah Wobble

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